Lc. Tropical Pointer ‘Cheetah’ AM/JOGA

A real standout among Cattleya hybrids, this Laeliocattleya produces clusters of up to 9 peach-pink flowers with dark fuchsia spots and a large yellow and magenta labellum (lip) on a cream throat. Best yet, its 4-inch (10 cm) flowers are long lasting and have a truly lovely fragrance, like that of lily-of-the-valley. A vigorous grower this orchid is a prolific bloomer, typically starting to bloom in the spring and re-blooming up to 3 times a year. Stays compact.
(Laeliocattleya Tropic Glow x Cattleya intermedia)


One comment on “Lc. Tropical Pointer ‘Cheetah’ AM/JOGA”

  1. Very nice! I love the thought of it’s scent. Cattleya flowers fascinate me but I’m not as taken by the plant without the flowers, although when they’re more compact like you say this is, well that’s different!

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