Dendrobium Micro Chip

A great miniature Dendrobium hybrid, easy to grow on windowsills, that can bloom twice a year. The plant is about 6-7 inch (15-17.5 cm) tall and blooms on both old and new growths. Long lasting (up to a couple of months) 1.5 inch (4.5 cm) ivory flowers are spotted and striped with purple. As this orchid produces more canes, it will flower more abundantly each year. This cross was first made as a miniature version of the older hybrid, Aussie Chip, and belongs to the Latouria type of dedrobiums from New Guinea, where it gets its long lasting flowers and its warm growing habit. Unusual light spicy morning fragrance.
(Den. abberans x Den. normanbyense)

This dendrobium variety prefers medium to high light, drying between waterings and monthly dilute fertilizing. Unlike many other dendrobiums, it doesn’t need any winter rest.


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