Onc. Alosuka ‘Claire’

Also named Gomesa Alosuka ‘Claire’. A great pot plant Dancing Ladies orchid that remains very compact and neat with a nice head of flowers and clean dark green foliage. This hybrid has beautiful delicate, vibrant bright yellow flowers that fan out almost flat, with a dark center and mask, a firm substance and crystalline texture. It grows quite happily in a 3-inch (80mm) pot and will produce many aerial roots during the summer. A hybrid from the Varicosum group of Oncidium, it loves extra watering during the warm months but dislikes water around its roots at night and during the cooler months. It prefers Cattleya light (dappled to bright light), cool to warm conditions and good humidity. Fall bloomer and a light floral fragrance during the day.

(Gom. Memoria Kiyoshi Akatsuka x Gom. Aloha Sunshine)


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