Paphiopedilum helenae

A true miniature Paphiopedilum, this species orchid is 6-inches (15 cm) across and grows in a 2.5-inch pot. Glossy single 2-inches (5 cm) flowers set early fall and bloom well into winter. Flowers can show considerable color variation but this particular plant has excellent color and size. A reliable bloomer and vigorous grower it will form tight little clumps when reaching specimen size. Legal division with CITES papers.
View Ron Hanko’s notes on Paph. helenae

Cultural notes:
Paph. helenae is a fairly new discovery from Vietnam. It is lithophytic and is found growing on limestone cliffs at an elevation of 600-850 meters in areas of heavy summer rains and heavy winter fog. Fairly easy to cultivate, it requires bright light (about 2,000 FC under T5 lights – quite a bit brighter than regular slippers) intermediate temperatures (I/W, 85 max in the summer and 69 max in the winter) and a standard Paph. mix enriched with big pieces of limestone. This species can tolerate many different potting media (medium fir bark, perlite and charcoal in equal parts) and appreciates an annual repot. Water regularly (about every 3-4 days in summer, less in winter (as it experiences cooler, dry winters in situ) and fertilize year round. Lower temperatures and a decrease of water typically induce blooming.


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