Dtps. Purple Martin ‘Champion’

A favorite of the Petite Orchid Collection. This is a dark purple-blue Phalaenopsis hybrid with branching spikes carrying pretty 1″ (2.5 cm) flowers. It is a cross from a violet Doritis pulcherrima parent with a cerulean blue Phalaenopsis violacea. A compact plant producing more spikes as it matures (do not cut green spikes) it is a great summer  bloomer and good for under lights. Light floral fragrance.
(Dtps. Kenneth Schubert ‘ FANGtastic Violet’ HCC/AOS x Phal. violacea var. coerulea)


3 comments on “Dtps. Purple Martin ‘Champion’”

  1. Can I have this? Lol. 😉

    This is very pretty and it seems to me that it must be in high demand. You don’t see a lot of “blue” Phals. Now I want one.

    What’s your advice on getting more blooms on a spike?

    • I’ve got one for sale on ebay this week. It’s a keiki (baby) of my mother plant.
      Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll send you a link.

      • Oh gosh sorry I haven’t been on here this summer and am just now seeing this (really need to set up e-mail alerts). Is the plant still available, or as I assume has it sold?

        Thanks either way! Let me know if you get another. 😉

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