Potinara Samantha Duncan ‘Red Hot’

A mini-Cattleya (renamed Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Rlc.) that is easy to grow, a frequent bloomer, and is one of the least picky of the true minis. 3-inch (8 cm) glowing red flowers with golden yellow on the lip are produced on each new lead. With C. coccinea in its background, it stays small growing (under 6-inches (15 cm) in height and sports dark green foliage. Best in coarse medium, repot when the mix starts to break down whether or not the plant has outgrown its pot and let dry between watering. Very nice fruity fragrance in the morning.
(C. Little Precious x (Rlc.) Hawaiian Prominence)


One comment on “Potinara Samantha Duncan ‘Red Hot’”

  1. This is such a cute flower, but not so mini of a name, lol. Under 6″ huh? I just got my first Slc. a couple weeks ago (hope it’s still alive as I haven’t been back unexpectedly getting tied up, I fear they’re all suffering from neglect…I digress…). I would love to get a mini Catt. Is this yours?

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