Dendrobium kingianum ‘Little Beauty’

A beautifully colored semi-alba variety of this hardy species from Australia. It is a small plant (7″/17.5 cm) unlike most standard, leggy, kingianum varieties, and very vigorous. It produces flower spikes on new and old canes alike, often two spikes at a time, and grows several short, fat canes each season, easily doubling in size every couple of years. It needs steady cooler temperatures to initiate spiking and proceed to flowering or spikes and buds will blast. A spectacular orchid that puts out a profuse show in February-March with a lovely, rich, warm fragrance.

Cultural note: Kingis can go down to freezing in their natural growing environment and even a few degrees below. If they are to be exposed to sub freezing temps they will need to be kept dry (allow the pseudobulbs to shrivel a bit). Probably a couple of weeks is enough to start spike formation. Give them as much light as you possibly can in winter.


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