Sedirea japonica ‘Minmarushima’

An adorable miniature Sedirea variety prized for its appearance and its petite, butter-yellow/green variegated leaves. Interestingly, the green side of the plant grows green roots and the yellow side yellow roots (see insert.) It typically blooms from spring to early summer with a short flower spike when given a dryer spell, high light, and cooler temperatures in winter (in the low 60-50’s F.) Nagoran (名護蘭) are from southern Japan where they grow on tree trunks and rocks. Beautiful fragrance.


One comment on “Sedirea japonica ‘Minmarushima’”

  1. I love these leaves by themselves. I’m a relatively new Orchid “collector” and am rather drawn to decorative foliage of sorts, especially with some of the Paphiopedilums (I’ve got ‘Pink Fred’, ‘Hawaiian Illusion’ & another Hybrid, registered but not named).

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