Dendrochilum uncatum var. uncatum

Obtained from Marni Turkel’s species collection, this tiny species Dendrochilum is native to Taiwan and the Philippines and produces cascades of miniature blooms.  Not as common as its larger cousins it is one of the smaller of the Golden Chain Orchids. It is growing in a 2.25″ pot in sphagnum moss with its tallest leaf at 7” from the base of the plant. The chains of flowers are fascinatingly detailed up close and the flowers start green then mature to a bright yellow. This variety is fragrant with a different kind of scent, tangy, sharp, and pungent, reminiscent of old lemon peels way past their freshness. Not really pleasant but not bad, just different. It is a good specimen orchid as it can double in size in a year with good culture. Fairly easy to grow it prefers moderately bright light with good humidity and air movement. Water year round and use quarter-strength fertilizer as for other orchids. The plant should be allowed to approach dryness between waterings. Careful when repotting as it does resent root disturbance.

Read more about Dendrochilum uncatum in Marni Turkel’s article.


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