Paph. Norito Hasegawa

A great primary parvisepalum hybrid with full form and a very large yellow flower (3.75″/9cm) that starts lime green, on tall stems. Compact when not in bloom this orchid is much easier to flower than its parent Paph. armeniacum. Truly spectacular and long lasting.
(Paph. armeniacum x malipoense)

Culture notes:
P. Armeniacum likes some lime, warm temperatures but a dry, cooler winter; P. Malipoense needs some lime, has wet warm summers and a dry cooler winter.


One comment on “Paph. Norito Hasegawa”

  1. Gorgeous bloom and lovely photo. Thanks for your visit to my blog where I’ve replied to questions though I don’t do anything special with Paph. helenae.

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