Orchid Collection Color Summary

By: CW

Jan 06 2014

Category: Info

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Ever shopped for that special orchid and found out you’ve picked yet another favorite that looks just like a plant already in your collection? A simple color summary can help.

Phal. Dragon’s Gold ’24K’Dtps. Sogo Manager Phal. Ming-Hsing Yellow Boy ‘Montclair’ Phal. Mini Mark 'Holm'Phal. violacea alba 'Norman'Phal. Bright Peacock 'Sweet Fragrance' HCC/AOS Phal. Ever Spring Light Dtps. Chiada Hebe 'Chocolate Drop'Phal. Sogo Rose ‘Sogo F-987 AM/AOS’ Dtps. Purple Martin ‘Champion’Phal. Jiaho’s Pink Girl ‘Sweet Fragrance’ White Cattleya-yellow throat NoID Blc. Hsinying Catherine 'Dogashima' Bc. Maikai ‘Louise’ AM/AOS Sc. Crystelle Smith ‘Aileen’ AM/AOS Cheetah SmallWorld

Slc. Sierra Doll

Slc. Love CastlePotinara Samantha Duncan ‘Red Hot’Pot. Hoku Gem 'Freckles' Slc. Mem. Alvin Beggman Paph. helenaePaph. primulinum purpurascens x delenatiiPaph. DeperleAerangis luteo-alba var. rhodostictaSedirea japonica 'Daruma'-type Dendrobium kingianum 'Little Beauty'Neofinetia falcata

Neofinetia falcata Fujimusume

Neostylis Lou Sneary ‘Bluebird’

Darwinara Charm 'Blue Star'Ascofinetia Cherry BlossomAscf. Twinkle Onc. Carnival Costume Brassia Goldiana


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